The Science

Are dogs really colorblind? VisionSmart is an exciting new line of products for dogs based on a leading university study consisting of thousands of color differentiating trials, proving once and for all dogs do see in certain colors. In fact, the data collected in these trials concluded dogs are surprisingly good at identifying colors within their limited visual spectrum. Bright purple against a white background is ultimately recommended as the ideal color combination to stand out against the background scene.

Did you ever wonder why dogs lose yellow tennis balls while playing fetch, when it’s right in front of them? The answer is color.¬†Unlike humans, dogs possess only two sets of rods and cones in their eyes, while humans have three. Dogs view yellow, orange and green as virtually the same color!

By alternating purple and white triangular sections within the pattern on VisionSmart balls and toys, the optical effect for your dog is greatly enhanced! All VisionSmart toys are designed to be highly visible to dogs, and further engineered for quality, safety and performance. Your dog will see the difference!